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Welcome to the Pit area information page.

Dear new Visitors and Current Pit Pass Subscribers,

I regret to announce that is no longer accepting new user Pit Pass subscriptions to the website.

As you may know we've been online for 15 years however due to a variety of issues (host server, payment system, and affected applications on our website) during recent years, which require a good deal of my time to address, and personal circumstances (caregiver for elderly parents with dementia, and work) there are only so many hours in the day and my plate runneth over.

That being said, if you are new to the website and wish to purchase a Pit Pass subscription or a past subscriber who wishes to renew a expired subscription, hopefully I've come up with a tenable solution to accommodate your needs. To this end I've modified a version of the website to function locally from a computer (desktop, laptop, etc.) off a USB flash drive.


The majority of our content reflects the domestic (US) 2001-2005 model year PT/GT Cruiser with 2.4L gas engine. Beginning in 2006 Chrysler introduced a number of design changes to the PT line. While many components and procedures are identical to earlier model year PT's, there have been changes in body design, features and circuitry. Information on the 2006 model year PT is available to some degree on the site. Basic maintenance procedures for later model years (2007-2010) are in most instances identical to earlier model years.

The local version of the website will be mounted on a USB flash drive and will consist of the most popular areas accessed by visitors during our last 15 years online including:

The Technical Library - more than 1,900 questions and answers related to the PT Cruiser.

Model Changes – 2001-2006 model year design changes.

Art Gallery

Resources – links to articles, reviews, products, etc.

Pit Pass Area Content

More than 425 guide's for OEM maintenance, diagnostics, modifications and aftermarket product installations.

Special Report Information - an index containing over 130 automotive and or PT related reports and articles.

DaimlerChrysler/PT Information – an index containing everything you want to know about DaimlerChrysler and the PT Cruiser, or at least what DaimlerChrysler will share with us.

Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls with extended information.

PT Automotive Glossary - Confused about an automotive or PT related term, this is the place to look. This extensive glossary includes 95 pages of information.

Top Ten PT Issues Guide - top 10 PT issues and or repairs reported by owners. Suggested remedies and repairs, encompassing sixteen plus pages of information.

Additional OEM Resources (PDF)

If you provide us with your PT model year I'll include the following additional material:

OEM Chrysler PT Cruiser Service Manual - what your local dealer service department (Holy Grail) utilizes to replace parts, troubleshoot issues, and make repairs. (Note - Owners with 2007-2010 model year PT's will be provided with the 2006 OEM Service Manual.)

OEM Chrysler PT Cruiser Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB) Catalog - what your local dealer service and parts departments utilize to identify and order replacement parts.

OEM Chrysler PT Cruiser Owner Manual


The local version of the website is created on a Windows PC and mounted on a USB Flash Drive. The majority of content consist of standard HTML pages which is compatible with most web browsers. Some content is available in a .PDF format. In order to view this content the free Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer.

Delivery of Services

The USB Flash Drive will be delivered (continental United States only) via USPS first class mail. (Sorry, no international orders will be accepted.)


It is assumed that the subscriber has the necessary background, experience, and tools to effectively work with this information therefore no support will be provided for interpretation of material, aftermarket products and or vehicle related questions/issues.


The local version, mounted on a USB Flash Drive and mailed USPS first class is $28 (Paypal). Unlike our current online Pit area subscription which is renewed annually, the local version is a “one-time” cost subscription and include the additional OEM resources (PDF) previously referenced.

If interest please click here for more information.


Bar Terms of Service

Welcome to, also known as The website is currently provided free of charge with the exception of the Pit area, which is accessible to users who purchase an annual Pit Pass. By using any of the information or services available on, you are indicating your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, do not enter the website.

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