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Attention Regrettably, I've made the decision to take the website offline in June 2017. More info here.

Welcome to PT Do It

Check out the new PT DIY Guide to Improved Fuel Economy here.

As a new PT owner, I began developing this website in November of 2000 to provide other enthusiasts with a permanent repository of information related to operating, maintaining and or modifying their Cruisers. Since it's inception more than 6,500 hours have been invested into expanding PT, making it one of the most recognized and regarded DIY auto enthusiast sites online.

PT CruiserThe majority of our content reflects the domestic (US) 2001-2005 model year PT/GT Cruiser with 2.4L gas engine. Beginning in 2006 Chrysler introduced a number of design changes to the PT line. While many components and procedures are identical to earlier model year PT's, there have been changes in body design, features and circuitry. Information on the 2006 model year PT is available to some degree on the site or by request (we have service manuals). Basic maintenance procedures for later model years (2008-2010) are in most cases identical to earlier model years.

As you explore the site you will discover that it is quite extensive. In our public area you'll find a Technical Library with over 1,900 Q&A's related to the PT Cruiser.

In our subscription based Pit area we offer:
  • More than 425 guides for modifications and aftermarket product installations.

  • OE service manuals and Body, Chassis, Powertrain and Transaxle Diagnostic manuals.

  • Special Report and DaimlerChrysler/PT Information sections.

  • Technical assistance through our Ask Motor-Mike service.

  • Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls with extended information.

  • PT Automotive Glossary.

  • Our popular Top Ten PT Issues Guide.
The content we offer has been provided by a variety of sources, including forum posts, PT DIY research, DC, OE service manuals, and by enthusiasts like you. In keeping with this sense of camaraderie I would like to encourage all PT enthusiasts to contribute any information they feel may benefit a fellow PT enthusiast.

Thank you, and enjoy your visit.


Webmaster/Owner PT

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Welcome to, also known as The web site is currently provided free of charge with the exception of the Pit area, which is accessible to users who purchase an annual Pit Pass. By using any of the information or services available on, you are indicating your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, do not enter the web site.

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